Martin County has changed a great deal since its founding in 1876. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office holds true to our county’s rich ranching and farming heritage while recognizing and adapting to Martin County becoming one of West Texas’ major oil producing Counties. With our current oil production, exploration, and natural gas production, our population has dramatically increased. With the increased commerce in our County, traffic has proportionally increased. Between increased commerce and traffic, my officers have learned to deal with new challenges on a daily basis.

The Texas State Constitution establishes the Office of Sheriff in Article 5, Section 23. I carry on a tradition of a county with one of the longest tenured Sheriff in the State’s history. I have a group of well-rounded, well-trained officers that handle every facet that law enforcement demands. The Sheriff’s Office serves civil process and writs, bailiffs all courts in Martin County, and operates our county jail.

Our MAIN GOAL is to provide a safe community for our citizens.

We do this with dignity to our profession, to both victim and suspect. I expect integrity from my officers and civilian employees. Without integrity, we have nothing. I expect my office to treat all people with courtesy, compassion, and fairness. My officers prove their courage to me daily.

I have lived in West Texas my entire life. I understand Martin County heritage because I was raised on a West Texas farm. My parents, grandparents and my great-grandparents helped settle this area. I left the farm in 1986, and attended the South Plains Law Enforcement Academy in 1987, and have lived and worked in Law Enforcement in this part of Texas since graduation. I have an Associate Degree and hold a Masters Peace Officer and Master Jail credentials from the State of Texas.

I have seen so many changes in my profession over the years, but the one thing that remains the same is that the Sheriff is still looked upon by the citizens served, as their personal law enforcement representative. This person is the person everyone knows if they have a problem, anytime day or night, they can go to for help and a possible answer. I feel honored to serve in this capacity.

Sheriff Brad Ingram